Affordable Solar Energy

Making Solar an Investment – Not Just an Expense

Get Renewable Solar, LLC helps connect homeowners, nation-wide installers, and financing options, creating partnerships and aligning interests to enable all to benefit. We take a new approach to help homeowners upgrade to solar. With our focus on your satisfaction, we make the journey to solar positive, stress-free, and as simple as can be. Together, we make solar an investment – not just another monthly expense.


Residential Solar Energy

The solar loan combines the benefits of a lease – no down payment, energy cost savings, hassle-free maintenance and performance guarantees – with the financial upside from solar ownership. To simplify the application process, we have built a fully-automated online platform with no required paperwork. With the $0 money down solar loan, you realize the maximum economic benefits of solar ownership, as well as a full service offering, including performance and maintenance guarantees.

Commercial Solar Energy

Clean electricity with the lowest prices. Get Renewable Solar, LLC enables business owners to make the simple switch. We believe the rapid expansion of rooftop solar electricity will make the world a much better place. Most commercial building owners want that choice too, but to date have been daunted by the high costs and complexities of going solar. We’re changing this with our partners. We take all that makes commercial solar high cost and complex – simplifying it. We focus on how to make the decision to buy solar – easier.